Recording Artists

It is important to Wirripang that we expose our composers to the widest possible audiences and the best way to do this is to have their works recorded. We also see recording as another opportunity to expose Australian performers to a wider audience.

Initially the first CD Wirripang produced was published during 2004 titled Simply Songs a CD that continues to sell to this day.   It was made up of most of the songs published by Wirripang to that date and was recorded by Wendy Dixon, soprano and David Miller, piano and engineered by Houston Dunleavy.   This was closely followed by the Songs from Australia CD complementing the book with the same title, which was a pedagogical study of all the Australian works in the Trinity/Guildhall Singing syllabus and recorded by the same artists.

Sometime after this Wirripang was approached by a number of other recording artists, such as the Cor Anglais player Rachel Tolmie and pianist John Martin with the request to record works that had not been published by Wirripang.   This we acceded to because, as said, part of our brief was to expose Australian performers of high calibre to more broadcasting opportunities.

In the years that followed more artists became involved and we are proud to have produced recordings with Marina Marsden, violin, Clemens Leske, piano, Jane Parkin, soprano, Gavin Lockley, baritone (also a Wirripang composer) Emma Knott, flute, Katie Zhukov, piano Louise Page, soprano, Phillipa Candy piano and the Bourbaki Ensemble.  

These recordings could not have been produced without the hard work of our recording engineers, in the main Houston Dunleavy (also a Wirripang composer) and Peter Bell who was responsible for our access to the 2MBS recording Studios.  

Wirripang has a profit share arrangement with our recording artists and engineers and has produced 36 CDs to date with a considerable back log yet to be processed.

Wirripang aims to have the works of all our composers recorded in the years ahead and will actively pursue this goal.   This will ensure that every work shown on this website will have an adequate sound bite attached to it, and of course will also mean that these works will be forwarded in CD form to broadcasters such as ABC Classic FM, the MBS Network and to a growing number of community radio stations for subsequent broadcast.   All Wirripang CDs are archived with National Film and Sound in Canberra, so ensuring their preservation for future generations.