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Voice of Australia by Various Composers


Complete Volumes I & II 
Features 29 Australian songs performed by soprano Wendy Dixon, baritone Tim Collins and pianist David Miller. These works demonstrate the unique relationship between poet, composer, singer and pianist in the genre of art song. 
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See also online, Voice of Australia Volumes I and II teaching manuals and sheet music for all 29 songs, and Volume I in both medium and high voice.

PDF download of words to all songs

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1   First Person Feminine - iii - (Ian Cooper)
2   First Person Feminine - vii - (Ian Cooper)
3   Strange Requiem - (Margaret Sutherland)
4   Titania's Lullaby - (Hugh Dixon)
5   Auguries of Innocence - (John Peterson)
6   I am Black - (Andrew Schultz)
7   Frogs 1 - (Nigel Butterley)
8   Frogs 2 - (Nigel Butterley)
9   Frogs 3 - (Nigel Butterley)
10 Quel rosignuol - (Colin Brumby)
11 Each thoughtless day - (Trevor Pearce)
12 where the wind sighs - (Trevor Pearce)
13 Night After Bushfire - (Gordon Kerry)
14 Balloon Ride - (Stuart Greenbaum)
15 Asmaradana - (Betty Beath)
16 Turning Fifty - (Paul Paviour)
17 The Downfall - (James Penberthy)
18 To say before going to sleep - (Stephen Yates)
19 She wore a black ribbon - (Martin Wesley-Smith)
20 The bird sings - (Rhonda Berry)
21 Golden Boy - (Stephen Cronin)
22 A Summer's Day - (Gerald Glynn)
23 Burn out my eyes - (Quentin Grant)
24 Coolness - (David Keeffe)
25 Of a noble race she came - (Roger Smalley)
26 Bush Christmas - (Wendy Hiscocks)
27 Listening to the Harp - (Larry Sitsky)
28 The Moon Has Set - (Kevin Marsh)
29 To A Child - (Ross Edwards)


Collected Songs, Vol VI by Fritz Hart


High voice and piano, words by William Blake
Seven Songs of William Blake, Op. 9
1 A song of sorrow
2 Young love
3 Love’s secret
4 Cupid
5 In a myrtle shade
6 Daybreak
7 The wild flower’s song
Five songs from Songs of Innocence, Op.15
1 Infant Joy
2 The blossom
3 The shepherd
4 The lamb
5 Spring
The Lily
A Slumber Song (Cradle Song)
Seven songs, Op.25
1 Barren blossom
2 The Pilgrim
3 My pretty rose tree
4 Ah, sunflower
5 Every night and every morn
6 The door of wealth is made of gold
7 The sick rose
Composed 1912-1917
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Collected Songs, Vol VI- sheet music











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Gavotte by Paul Paviour

Score and parts

For orchestra - Carl Linger arr. Paul Paviour
Composed 2016

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Gavotte - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172705


Chacarera Tropical by Jane Andino


Piano Solo, c.4'20.  Level of difficulty - advanced
The chacarera is a dance form and rhythm originating in the rural areas of north-western Argentina. From there it spread to urban areas and became recognised as a national folk dance of Argentina. The tropical element in this composition is the middle quasi-improvised section, which uses a typical Cuban son four-bar chord progression. The son is a dance and song form originating in the rural areas of eastern Cuba. Like most Cuban music, it is an amalgam of the African and Spanish cultural origins of the country.

Composed 2016

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Chacarera Tropical  - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172675


Voice of Love, The by Phillip Wilcher


This double CD of music is composed by Phillip Wilcher and interpreted by Jeanell Carrigan, piano and Minah Choe, cello.  Both these performers display extraordinary sensitivity and colour with rare musical intuition. An outstanding collection of beautiful music for solo piano and cello and piano.
Phillip has dedicated the CD to Rosemary Eather, a long-time friend and producer and host of the 1970s early morning children's television show, Good Morning with Rosemary, one of Australia's first weekday breakfast variety programs for children.

Scores are available online for most of this music.

Wirr 088

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   Five Nocturnes
1  Andante con affetto  
2  Andante - largo sostenuto
 Andante Moderato
 6  The Maiden Voyage
   The Sorrow of Angels
 Their Sorrow
 9  The Voice of Love (from Three Romantic Pieces)
10  Legend after "The Shadow of Cain" by Edith Sitwell
 11  Lift (from Two Pieces for Cello and Piano)
 12  Starseed
 13  Simplicity Itself (from Two Pieces for Cello and Piano)
 14  Valzer Rimoldi
 15   Reverie
 16  His Last Breath
 17   ... and with rain
 Hymn to the Aten
The Blue Lotus
 4  Barcarolle (from Three Romantic Pieces)
 5  Waltz Awaiting
 6  Vocalise
   I Would Like To Paint As The Bird Sings
 Bathers in La Grenovillere
 10 Self Portrait
 11 Etretat
 12 Regatta a Argenteuil
 13 Poppy Fields
 14 Romance (from Three Romantic Pieces)
 15  Without Her



Scarborough Fair by John Martin


SATB and piano with baritone/alto/mezzo-soprano soloist
Traditional words.  For discount on multiple copies contact
Composed 2017
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Scarborough Fair - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172682


Cloths of Heaven, The (Yeats) by John Martin


Voice and piano
Words by W B Yeats  Composed 2017
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The Cloths of Heaven - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172699


Visions in Blue (flute) by John Peterson

Score and part

Flute and piano c.11'00
Three movements:
1. Big City Blues, fast and very rhythmic - 3'40
2. Across the Oceans Deep and Blue, simple statements of motivic figures developing in intensity - 4'15
3. Under Bright Blue Skies, again fast and rhythmic but much less anxious and a more joyous celebration of living in wide open and richly diverse landscapes - 3'45
Composed 2017

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Visions in Blue - sheet music


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 ISMN M9790720172613


Songs for Children and Nursery Rhymes by Meta Overman


11 songs for children and nursery rhymes of Folk songs from different countries for high voice and harp.
Composed c.1952
Researched and edited by David Wickham

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Songs for Children and Nursery Rhymes - sheet music samples



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Courage by Mark Matthews


10 short piano studies on the times of our lives.
Sheet music as above

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Courage by Mark Matthews


13 piano solos on life, love and friendship.
This set of piano solos, starting with "C" of the musical alphabet, is the third of a septology, which progressively follows the keys from      A – G.
In this set, the major, minor, Locrian keys and modes are the palate for compositions.
Composed 2017.
CD available online, see below

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C's the day!
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Chances are ...
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Calm before the storm
 Buy Now Cumulonimbus   Buy Now
 Buy Now C, I told you
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Courageous  Buy Now C'etude No. 1
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Coffee by Moonlight
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Count the raindrops
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Clouds in disguise
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Courage - sheet music

 Audio Samples

1. C's the day! 3'04
2. Calm before the storm 3'08
3. Cabriole 2'40
4. Courageous 2'49
5. Coffee by Moonlight 2'52
6. Count the raindrops 2'23
7. Challis 4'03
8. Chances are ... 2'15
9.Cumulonimbus 3'38
10. C, I told you 4'22








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 ISMN 970 0 720172583


Te Déum by Peter Rankine


SAB Choir c.13'00
Te Déum draws on the Plainsong of the same name. Selected lines of text are rendered in Latin and English. Likewise, some of the rhythmic and melodic figures reflect musical elements in the original.
Composed 2003, 2nd Ed 2017
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Te Déum - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172606